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We would like to welcome everybody to J.H. Olsen & Co.
J.H.Olsen & Co specializes in the documentation creation, procuring, storage, delivery, handling and logistic systems supplied to ships and planes worldwide.

Our services


J.H.Olsen & Co Marine is a company that services cruise ships, Supply  boats, super yachts, leisure vessels and services that include the oil industry all over the world.

We specialize in making our own locally produced JOCO couplings for the A.P. Møller fleet and others on the seven seas.
We also perform individually specialized tasks suited for every need.


Mediterranean is a company primarily engaged in the import / export of customs registered goods, be it by air, ship, or road crossing international borders.

Our legal approval as an AEO certified operator enable us to make seamless Customs handling with all the necessary approved storing facilities in place as well as having a flexible and qualified staff to follow up on any transactions and challenges that may occur.


Alcohol-free hand disinfection for both the workplace and at home.

Many common diseases such as colds, stomach infections, viruses, bacteria and fever often put a stick in the wheel of our everyday lives.

Here it is important to think that the most common bacterial cause of infection spreading through our hands.

Over 50 years of service

J.H.Olsen was established in 1954 originally as a general ship supply company and specialized in supplying anchors and chain cables to various big ships and vessels.

During the past nearly 50 years the Company has developed and grown in various fields, although our core business remains around the maritime industry.

Our General ship supply department has extended their working field, to include total package supplies to major Military land and air exercises in Northern Europe.
This includes being authorized suppliers to NATO naval vessels on the seas and training locations inland.

The technical department has provided business to the Off-shore sectors in the North Sea for more than 30 years.
Mainly service to Maersk Supply and Maersk Drilling as a co-operation, which has led to many developments of specialized products and equipment used in the industry.