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Leading non-alcohol based disinfection

Alcohol-free hand disinfection for both the workplace and at home.
Many common diseases such as colds, stomach infections, viruses, bacteria and fever often put a stick in the wheel of our everyday lives.
Here it is important to think that the most common bacterial cause of infection spreading through our hands.
In daycare centers, it is not uncommon for a sea-borne bacterium to cure for months with illness in both children and staff.
With alcohol-free hand disinfection “Soapopular”, it is now possible to take up the fight against the bacteria. within the healthcare sector etc.

The long-acting foam product, which cleanses skin cracks and prevents infections, kills 99.9% of all harmful bacteria on the hands within seconds.

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“Soapopular” does not dry out the skin but retains its natural balance. 

At the same time, the odourless product, which is completely without parabens and perfume, is min. five times more than similar alcohol-based products.  
And should some clothing or surfaces come in, there is no damage. The product is very effective, which is why one to two pump pressures is enough for both hands.

There is no need to rinse or dry your hands after use as the foam air dries and leaves the hands perfectly clean and soft.
With the alcohol-free hand disinfection “Soapopular” it is now possible to take up the fight against the bacteria. in the healthcare sector, in institutions, in larger workplaces and on the home front.  

Both children and adults can use the product which is not flammable or requires special storage.
“Soapopular” is available in various sizes ranging from 100 ml to 1000 ml.

Start-up and philosophy: It was experienced some years back that a severe stomach bacterium proliferated in children’s nurseries.
To combat this, alcohol-based hand disinfection was used.

In addition, there were also major skin genes with dry and cracked skin due to the alcohol.
The result was that many parents and educators stopped using disinfectant regularly.

That is why J.H.Olsen & Co decided to find an alcohol-free alternative, and Soapopular meets all these requirements we demand for the Health sector, the marine industry, the office environment, the domestic market and pedagogical areas.

Kills disease-causing bacteria on the hands
Almost all common infectious diseases such as colds, influenza, stomach infection (diarrhoea), etc., spread through contact between people, objects, or fixtures.
For example, an average of 400 times more bacteria can be found on an office desk, keyboard, or door handle than on an average toilet board. Good hand hygiene is therefore both proven and recommended by the health authorities as the best prevention and protection against illness we can implement in our everyday lives.

Reduces sickness absence in the workplace
Several studies have been conducted focusing on increased hand hygiene reducing sickness absence in the workplace.
For example. wind turbine manufacturer Vestas Machining in Lem, a project that focused on better hand hygiene of the approx. 250 employees. The project has spanned 3 years, has cost approx. DKK 50,000 to implement and has provided an annual saving on sickness absence of up to 1,000 sick days – or about DKK 1.5 million. kr.

More than 2500 hand disinfections per 1000 ml.
An alcohol-based hand disinfection should be dosed 2-4 ml. per. disinfection due to its rapid evaporation. Soap popular is dosed as a foam solution and is therefore easy to distribute on the hands. Soapopular, with its unique formula, is especially suitable for use and achieves its bactericidal effect at a dosage of only 0.4 ml. equivalent to 10-20% of the amount of alcohol-based disinfection requirement.

No odour nuisance or fire hazard
Since no alcohol or other odorous chemical is included in Soapopular hand disinfection, there is no odour nuisance associated with its use. 
In addition, the exclusion of alcohol in Soapopular is essential to eliminate the fire hazard usually associated with alcohol-based hand disinfection in general.

Declared in collaboration with A&A
Soapopular is declared and labelled in collaboration with the Danish Asthma & Allergy Association, to ensure the consumer’s safety in relation to allergic disposition and unintended side effects.

Does not discolour clothing, floor or similar. Due to the high concentration of alcohol (min. 73%) in conventional hand disinfection, these can discolour clothes, floors, and other surfaces. Soapopular alcohol-free hand disinfection, neither discoloration nor pale clothing or other surfaces.

Preserves skin suppleness and does not dry
When using a conventional alcohol-based hand disinfectant, the skin’s natural and protective fat barrier is dried out and degraded. This results in dry and cracked hands leaving the skin vulnerable and unprotected and ultimately more susceptible to new bacteria and allergens. Soap Popular does not contain alcohol and is designed to actively kill bacteria on the skin’s surface without permeating or breaking down its natural balance. Therefore, the hands are left comfortably supple, and actively protected for up to 3 hours after application.